The First Day Of Spring

There wasn't much action in Springfield for the first day of the special session.

Both the House and Senate spent just a few minutes in special session as frustration continues to grow. House Minority Leader Jim Durkin says the recently proposed Republican plan will end the budget stalemate, but says the ball is now in the House Democrats' court to call it for a vote.

"We have three caucuses that I know that have been working towards bringing resolution to this and I know the President of the Senate has also had an open mind, but the fact is the one outlyer has been the House Democrats and the Speaker," said Durkin.

House Speaker Michael Madigan say they have already passed some of the Governor's requested reforms, and that the G-O-P plan is not balanced.

"They have an outline of a spending plan. They have engaged with Republicans and with the Senate Democrats. They will engage with anyone who will engage with them to fashion a spending plan that would be good for all Illinoisans," said Madigan.

The House will be holding two committees of the whole to discuss worker's compensation reform and a property tax freeze this week.

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