Snow Covered Spots On First Day Of Spring

"It's been all over the place. Hot. Cold. Ice. Looking forward to summer," Damien Fantini of Yardley, Pa. said.

Wait, wait, you're getting ahead of us.

This is the first day of spring, even though snow is covering some of the flowers at the Statehouse in Trenton.

That's where Walt and Lori Hillman of Hamilton Square were taking a walk and they don't think it feels like spring at all.

"No, not at all because it's still white snow on the ground," Walt Hillman said.

"It is cold and it does not feel like spring, but it should be spring because it says it's spring, but it's not spring," Lori Hillman said.

It's hard to think about spring when there's still snow on the lawns and some of the benches at Cadwalader Park. You might want to wait on planning a picnic.

At Stony Brook Gardens in Pennington, the hothouse is full of flowers that will give you a spring feeling. But our wacky weather recently hasn't been easy for farmers and growers like Kris Willey.

"We just took all the ice off of our perennials outside which were covered for the weekend. They need the sunlight now to recoup but they'll be OK. They are going to pop back," Willey said.

"We just put out our welcome sign with the bunny on it and took down the one with the snowman on it today. It's a big celebration; it's a rite of passage," Catherine Cato of Ewing, NJ said.

Everyone is ready for the chilly weather and the snow to go away.

"I love spring. I am a spring baby, my birthday is on Thursday. This will be gone, no worries," Sundai Brown of Ewing said.

We are going to need a large stretch of warm weather to get rid of all the snow.

But it is the first day of spring, snow and all.

And, yes, summer will be here soon enough, too.


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