Shocking New Claims On Angelina Jolie's Adoption Of Maddox

The star and her then-husband,

Billy Bob Thornton, took full custody of

Maddox, who is now 15, in 2003 and a local aid charity worker has now claimed that he signed the official papers in Cambodia saying that he is Maddox's father. So when a new report revealed that Jennifer Aniston is open to work with Brad Pitt again, one Celebeat reader shared that Justin Theroux' wife will certainly benefit from the

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce.

Despite Mounh's fallout with Angelina, she still features in his Linkedin profile. All that Jolie said about Madox's adoption was that she went through a lot until she succeeded.

Meanwhile, the mother-of-six is facing a potential legal issue over her adoption of son

Maddox from Cambodia in 2003. "I said he's my son".

"In court documents,

Maddox is still my son", he said.

This is not the first time Justin and Angelina have met; the pair joined forces two years prior at the launch of the Center for Peace and security at the London School of Economics, which saw Angelina converse with significant figures from across the globe about bringing an end to sexual violence in conflict.

SC questions Centre's use of pellet guns in Kashmir to quell unrest

The debate surrounding use of pellet guns grew in the wake of protests following killing of Hizbul Mujahideen militant Burhan Wani.

The times of successful life as Pitt-Jolie family left behind, time to think about a business.

"For some reason she didn't ever trust him, which was freaky because Brad never did anything to warrant it". To make matters worse,

Angelina Jolie's adoption agent

Lauryn Galindo spent time in prison after she allegedly falsified the names, birth dates and birth places of Cambodian children for American parents that wanted to adopt them. The actress would like to settle in London with her children because it would be the ideal country to educate them.

The Hollywood starlet first fell in love with Cambodia while filming Tomb Raider in 2000. "I can only imagine how terrible that would feel".

Brad Pitt is dealing the break up with

Angelina Jolie by locking himself away in a Los Angeles art studio for long hours.

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