NH Man Previously Arrested For Theft Caught Trying To Conceal Items At Kohl's

Paul M. Moreau , 36, pictured, of South State Street in Concord, was arrested at 10:45 a.m. on July 27, 2015, for carrying loaded handgun without a license. He was arrested again at 5:48 p.m. on Aug. 6, for theft by unauthorized taking or transfer. On July 24, officers were sent to Loudon Road for a report of a man with a Mohawk haircut and a knapsack with a handgun reportedly shoplifting items from Walmart. The man sped from the scene on a bike and headed over into the area of Ruby Tuesday. The staffer at Walmart told police that they called 911 instead of trying to detain him, due to the firearm. Police were unable to find the man. However, three days later, police were dispatched to the area around Ruby Tuesday again for a report of a man with a Mohawk haircut on a bike with a gun. The caller reported that he was now behind the Dollar Store. A sergeant, however, was on a detail at the restaurant, because an employee, Moreau, was scheduled to possibly be fired for reportedly bringing a firearm to work, according to an arrest report. Police found the man behind the store and identified him as Moreau. “Moreau was asked if he had a handgun on his person and he replied that it was in his backpack,” according to the report. “The gun was in the front pocket of the backpack. I asked if the gun was loaded and Moreau said it was loaded with a bullet in the chamber.” The handgun was a CZ100 and he allegedly had 21 total bullets, according to the report. Moreau had a concealed weapons permit from Laconia that expired in 2012 and had not applied for a local permit so he was arrested. He was also issued with a no trespass letter to Ruby Tuesday. A little more than a week later, Moreau was arrested again, for allegedly stealing items from Walmart on July 24, the date of the original call. He was arraigned in court yesterday.

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Joanne Murray-Bowne , 45, of Juniper Ridge in Henniker, was arrested at 7:40 p.m. on Aug. 11, for theft from the Walmart on Loudon Road on April 15, 2015. Manchester Police arrested her on a warrant and she’s due in court on Sept. 21.

Tyler J. Osgood , 27, of Beacon Street in Concord, received a summons at 11:10 a.m. on Aug. 9, for driving after revocation or suspension after a traffic stop on Fort Eddy Road after a truck appeared to jerk in the middle of traffic. Osgood had a suspended license but reportedly told the officer that his girlfriend was pregnant and not feeling well, so he switched with her so he could drive. His license was suspended in March 2007.

Amber R. Cowan , 28, of School Street in Franklin, was arrested at 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 9, for simple assault and domestic violence-simple assault. An officer met with a man at headquarters at around 5:30 p.m. who alleged that 30 minutes before, his soon-to-be ex-wife punched him in Keach Park. According to the man, he was with his three kids and his mother-in-law when out of nowhere, Cowan appeared, spoke to her mother, and then allegedly punched him in the face. She then reportedly walked away. The officer noted swelling on his jaw and eye, according to the report. Later, according to the report, she allegedly sent text messages to the man. The mother-in-law reportedly confirmed to the officer on the phone that she saw the incident but refused to fill out a statement. A 12-hour stop and hold was put on Cowan. The officer later spoke to her and she allegedly hung up the phone. However, the report stated, she called back and said she could be picked up at the McDonald’s Restaurant on Loudon Road. She’s due in court on Sept. 21.

Kenneth S. Brown , 35, of Foster Street in Concord, was arrested at 3:09 a.m. on Aug. 9, for simple assault and domestic violence-simple assault. Officers were called to the home for a report of a domestic and separated Brown and a woman. The woman alleged that Brown was intoxicated and “acting weird about where he was,” so she went to bed. Later, she woke him up and the two began to argue. Brown allegedly put her in a wrestling move and brought her to the ground, according to the report. She lost an earring during the tussle, the report noted, but the officer was not able to see any marks on her body or injuries. Brown reportedly told the officer that he went to a concert earlier and when he got home, his girlfriend “went crazy.” He denied touching her but was reportedly slurring his words. “Brown was intoxicated,” the officer alleged. The person who called in the report stated that he heard arguing but didn’t see if it was physical or not. Later, the officer found the earring on the floor near the area where the woman alleged the two wrestled and Brown was arrested. He’s due in court on Sept. 21.

Paul R. St. Jean , 37, of Daniel Webster Highway in Boscawen, was arrested at 11:47 p.m. on Aug. 8, for driving while intoxicated, driving while intoxicated-second offense, driving without giving proof, unregistered vehicle, and driving after revocation or suspension. An officer on Loudon Road spotted a Nissan Cube with an expired inspection sticker that was also unregistered. A check of the vehicle found that its registration had expired in July. The vehicle was pulled over at the Wendy’s Restaurant on Loudon Road. As officers were speaking with St. Jean, they alleged that he was sweating and gave off a strong odor of alcohol. A check yielded a suspended license. St. Jean reported stated it was a prior DWI. He was given field sobriety tests and arrested. According to the report, his license was suspended for cancellation of insurance and he was convicted of DWI-second offense in April 2009 in Concord District Court.

Tracy A. Colby , 49, of Park Street in Northfield, was arrested at 10:14 a.m. on Aug. 8, for felony theft by unauthorized taking for allegedly shoplifting $4.56 worth of items from the Market Basket on Storrs Streets. Since she had two previous convictions – in Merrimack Superior Court in June 2011 and Concord District Court in January 2009 – the charge was raised to a felony. She’s due in court on Sept. 21.

Walter I. Healey , 61, a homeless man now located in Concord, was arrested at 1:49 p.m. on Aug. 7, for criminal trespass. Officers ran into Healey on the railroad tracks behind the old New Hampshire Liquor Warehouse. He had previously been told not to be on the railroad property and was arrested. Healey refused bail and was held.

Craig S. Laber , 53, a homeless man now located in Concord, received a summons at 12:36 p.m. on Aug. 7, for possession of alcoholic beverage-public property for allegedly having open cans of Natty Daddy beer while in the woods along the railroad tracks behind The Concord Center on Ferry Street.

Denise A. Wescott , aka, Dina Manna, 35, of Glass Street in Pembroke, was arrested at 12:40 p.m. on Aug. 6, on a bench warrant and possession of controlled drugs. Officers at The Friendly Kitchen on South Commercial Street saw Wescott inside the facility speaking with someone. She later left. They checked to see if she had a warrant and dispatch reported that she did. They caught up with her outside of The Concord Center on Ferry Street and arrested her. During an inventory, police allegedly found two pipes with marijuana residue and a drug charge was added. She was held without bail.

Michell O. Watson , 26, of Thompson Street in Concord, was arrested at 7:40 p.m. on Aug. 3, on a bench warrant out of Concord District Court for operating after suspension, $695 cash bail, issued in December 2013.

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Source : https://patch.com/new-hampshire/concord-nh/concord-police-log-mohawked-man-bike-arrested-gun-theft-charges

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