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Yeah, it’s one thing to say you think he’s definitely going. It’s close to say you think he was always going to go as soon as he could. Then there are the people constantly attacking him and saying he lied to Cal and used Cal and UK and was never going to play for us (same people often think he could’ve been the difference at the end of the season). The surety and savagery a lot of “fans” have directed toward Diallo is very off-putting. None of them know him or sat in on any conversations he had with Cal, but they’re all so sure this kid had this evil mastermind scheme to screw UK. I’m not one for coddling “young men” who are legally adults, but most people are still pretty anxious and naive about big decisions when they’re that age, so that’s usually what I expect from recruits and players. Makes a lot more sense than purposefully sitting out a semester with no intention of ever suiting up.

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