Kate Middleton Transforming Into Angelina Jolie?!

Kate Middleton Transformation Angelina Jolie

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>Kate Middleton

is transforming into >Angelina Jolie

? That’s the bizarre claim coming from a webloid.

Gossip Cop can reveal what’s going on.

A headline from

Celeb Dirty Laundry reads, “Kate Middleton’s Angelina Jolie Transformation: Royal Ditches Demure Wardrobe For High-Slit Dress, Queen Elizabeth Appalled?” The accompanying article begins, “Kate Middleton is on a mission to transform herself into the next Angelina Jolie. The Duchess of Cambridge dared to bare almost her entire leg in a high-slit dress that she wore on the red carpet during a movie premiere in London this week. The dress style resembles one that Angelina wore to the Oscars back in 2012.”

“Now, Royal watchers are wondering if the Duchess of Cambridge is attempting to undergo an Angelina Jolie Transformation in an effort to generate buzz,” claims the site, which asserts Middleton “wore the dress because she’s desperate to be a celebrity of the same caliber as someone like Angelina Jolie. If exposing her leg worked for Angelina several years ago, it can surely work for Kate now, too.”

Without a single source to back up its claims, the outlet contends, “Simply put, Kate’s biggest dream was to never be a royal who dedicated her time and energy to her charities for most of her life. Instead, she wants to be on the cover of every magazine possible and, at the very least, be remembered as someone daring, sexy, and exciting like Angelina Jolie.”

Of course, women wear dresses with slits all the time and it has absolutely nothing to do with Jolie. Middleton did not have the actress in mind when selecting her wardrobe for the movie premiere, nor is she seeking Jolie’s level of fame. This is just the latest in a long line of preposterous tales from Celeb Dirty Laundry about both women.

It’s the same webloid that two months ago claimed >Middleton had a secret boob job. And it’s the same webloid that just last week said >Jolie was going to drop down to the D-list because of her divorce from Brad Pitt. CDL has a rich history of publishing wild allegations with no hard evidence to back up any of it. Such sensational drivel should be disregarded.





Source : http://www.gossipcop.com/kate-middleton-transformation-angelina-jolie-dress-slit/

Kate Middleton Transforming Into Angelina Jolie?!
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