Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Could Work On New Movie Says Insiders

Jennifer Aniston is supposedly all game to star in a film with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, and insiders claim they are already talking after Pitt got divorced from Angelina Jolie. Rumors have it that the two Hollywood celebrities are considering a new project for the sake of advancing their careers.

If the rumors are true, fans are expected to show strong support for the ex-couple. However, they might want to hold their horses as these rumors have been debunked.

Jennifer Aniston and Ex-Husband Brad Pitt to Reunite in a Film?

If this is true, fans are surely going to have all the time in their lives. It has been reported via Hollywood Life that Aniston would like to work with Pitt on the big screen. The supposed source of the publication revealed that it would be the “perfect role” and all the “stars would have to align” since it is definitely something that would benefit them.

Furthermore, the so-called informant said that Aniston has thought that maybe “it would be easier for them to start something as voices in a future animated film” and would consider it as more likely a “Friends reunion.” Apparently, the actress would not want to do a romantic movie with her former husband.

It can be pretty reminisced that Aniston and Pitt had a sizzling chemistry on a special episode of Friends Season 7. The two obviously looked good together and it was evident that the handsome has his eyes on the young actress. They then got romantically involved, to the point of sealing the relationship with a ring.

Previously, the tabloid noted that 48-year-old star and her ex-hubby have been talking to each other on a “limited basis” after the actor’s split with Jolie last year. It can be recalled that Aniston and Pitt ended their marriage in 2005 when Pitt was linked to his co-star Jolie. Perhaps, doing a film together would be a part of reconciliation for the two, but rest assured they will work professionally.

Aniston Has No Project With Brad Pitt Despite Claims

Gossip Cop debunked the claims and assures that there are no projects the actress is considering with her 53-year-old ex-husband. The outlet checked with an impeccable representative of Aniston who said that the article is a complete “fabrication.”

Jennifer Aniston is now happily in love and married to actor-director Justin Theroux, with whom she exchanged vows in 2015 in a private ceremony. Recent reports claimed that Theroux is neither upset nor worried about his wife’s linking to Pitt. Meanwhile, none of the parties has said a word about the issue thrown to them so fans should take it with a pinch of salt.



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Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Could Work on New Movie Say Insiders
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