Is Angelina Jolie Done With Hollywood? And Does Hollywood Even Care?

Amidst promotion for her latest directorial effort, a film chronicling the Cambodian genocide, Jolie has never been further removed from the Hollywood that made her an international superstar. And, as a result of a surprisingly dirty divorce from Brad Pitt and amid stories that she has been seeking out a PR reinvention behind-the-scenes, she appears to be in dire straits when it comes to her movie stardom... even if she has publicly indicated that her acting days are long behind her.

A report last week from New York Post gossip column Page Six indicated that Jolie is well aware of how her divorce has dented her public image. The star is reportedly reaching out to PR agencies for possible representation -- the first time in Jolie's long career that she has sought help from a publicist (a brief, unsuccessful 2006 try-out notwithstanding). So far, according to the tabloid, nobody has been willing to take her on. Their reported point of view: Jolie is suddenly toxic as a Hollywood commodity, having lost the PR war with Pitt in their 2016 divorce.

Whether she went too hard too quickly (Pitt is "terrified that the public will learn the truth," Jolie's lawyer ambiguously wrote in her client's divorce papers), or whether even a child abuse investigation was no match for Pitt's years of earned goodwill as a movie star, Jolie was quickly painted as the untrustworthy party in the couple's divorce proceedings.

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Is Angelina Jolie done with Hollywood? And does Hollywood even care?
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