International UK Students Get Lesson In Kentucky Basketball


A group of students at the University of Kentucky got a lengthy history lesson on Monday. The experience didn't take place in a classroom, but instead inside the Joe Craft Center.

"This is Kentucky pride," said Keith Gilbertson.

Gilbertson gave his students from South Korea a lesson about the history and love of Kentucky basketball.

"Kentucky people expect Kentucky (basketball) to win," Gilbertson said.

Kentucky basketball - from the players, to the rivalries, to the eight championships - is something ingrained in most that grow up in the Bluegrass. However, the student group Gilbertson showed around the Craft Center on Monday has only been in Lexington for about three months.

The group got the chance to check out the shelves full of trophies in an effort to learn about what we know as March Madness.

"So now they are in the Sweet 16," Gilbertson explained. "There's just 16 teams left."

The students said they would be cheering proudly for the Cats on Friday when Kentucky takes on UCLA.

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International UK students get lesson in Kentucky basketball
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