How Activism And Humanitarian Work Saved Angelina Jolie From Her Toughest Times

Angelina Jolieand vulnerability are two words we rarely see in the same sentence, but if there was ever time the A-lister lost hope personally, her reaction has always been to uplift it in the lives of others.

As the media firestorm surrounding her sudden split from 

Brad Pitt simmered over the past few months, we've seen Angelina return to the public eye with a new mission: Humanitarian work. It's certainly not the first time we've seen the globally recognized celebrity commit tenfold to activism, but there's a new fervor to Jolie's efforts that speak to a focus strayed further than ever before from her storied past.

Earlier today, the 41-year-old advocated for the United Nations during an impassioned speech in Geneva, capping off a recent visit to Cambodia with her six children in which she spoke publicly about the divorce for the first time and premiered First They Killed My Father, a scripted drama fusing Angelina's directorial and philanthropic efforts. She's also penned an op-ed for The New York Times about refugee policy and gave her first lecture on women's rights at the London School of Economics. 

Call it a coping mechanism (an extremely benevolent one at that), but we've seen Angelina turn to what really moves her in times when others doubted, scrutinized and cast her as one dimensional. 

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How Activism and Humanitarian Work Saved Angelina Jolie From Her Toughest Times
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How Activism and Humanitarian Work Saved Angelina Jolie From Her Toughest Times