Google Enhances Firebase With Cloud Functions Support, Streamlined Terms Of Service

At its Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco today, Google is announcing updates to its Firebase portfolio of mobile-oriented cloud services.

First, Firebase is getting an integration with the Google Cloud Functions serverless event-driven computing service. Google unveiled Cloud Functions last year, following public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) launch of Lambda, but shortly before Microsoft unveiled Azure Functions.

Firebase’s customers were asking for a serverless capability before the startup was acquired by Google in 2014, James Tamplin, Firebase’s product manager and previously the startup’s cofounder and CEO, told VentureBeat in an interview. Now the existing service works with Firebase, making it easy to kick off simple programs when data is entered into Firebase’s real-time database.

Google integrated Firebase with Google Analytics, Cloud Messaging, and other services last year. Since then, developers have built more than 1 million projects with Firebase. Now Firebase is getting closer to the entirety of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

In fact, Google will soon be moving Firebase’s services under the terms of services of GCP. As a result, organizations only need to negotiate one contract, not two. And that could result in more Firebase usage.

Firebase is also changing the name of Firebase Storage; from here on out, it will be called Cloud Storage for Firebase. The tweak symbolizes that this really is good old Google Cloud Storage underneath, and that there are now more options for storing data. Whereas with Firebase Storage developers could only use a single Google Cloud Storage bucket in one of Google’s U.S. cloud regions, now they can use any bucket in any region, in any one of Google’s different tiers of cloud storage.

Tamplin’s blog post has more detail.

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Google enhances Firebase with Cloud Functions support, streamlined terms of service
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