Google Celebrates First Day Of Spring With Doodle

India is celebrating motherhood on May 14 and Google with its heart warming doodle has personified the love mothers shower on their children as a part of this celebration. The search engine giant, through an animated series, depicted the story of a mother cactus and her journey as a mum from giving birth to her baby cacti, to taking care of it and at the end living a settled life with her grown up babies, according to With the help of six gif images, showing various stages that every mother goes through in her life, Google has certainly made the day special for every mum. Google represents the celebration of "motherhood" through its animated doodle and has honoured all the sacrifices' a mother makes for her child. The first image shows a pregnancy cactus waiting to give birth and eager to take on the responsibility. The second gif image shows the process of watering the plant which represents mothers breastfeeding their kids.

Mother's Day is meant to pay tribute to mothers for their contribution to humanity. People all over the world put in a lot of effort, from buying gifts to going out on "Mom-dates" to preparing a special meal for her, just to somehow make the most important women in their lives, feel cared and loved.

In a time and era where most global holidays all fall on the same day, Mother's Day stands out as it is not celebrated on one single day all over the world.

Today, on the second Monday of May, is Mother's Day, which is being celebrated across the globe in a variety of ways to acknowledge the contribution of mothers to society and families.

So here's wishing all the super mom's around the world a very Happy Mother's Day!

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