Chateau Miraval PICTURES

Chateau Miraval

New pictures of Chateau Miraval! The new photos of Chateau Miraval show the French home that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie moved into this week.

The couple reportedly are relocating to the chateau in France’s Provence region near Marseille. And news this weekend indicates they have already moved in.

Jolie, 32, is pregnant with twins.

Chateau Miraval Pictures

Chateau Miraval Photo 1

Chateau Miraval Photo 2

Initial reports has said the couple had bought the Chateau. That appears now to be false with American owner Tom Bove remaining the Chateau’s owner.

The Chateau however could become legendary on the scale of a Pixford Estate because the home is believed to be the soon permanent residence of the Jolie Pitts for several years.

The estate is from the 17th century estate, featuring over 1,000 acres of forest and vineyard. They will be renting from Bove for three years and reportedly have known Bove for some time.

The Chateau is a working property and will continue to be so despite its new family, producing organice wines (see

This weekend online sources indicate that the Jolie Pitts have in fact already moved in.

The chateau is believed to feature 35 bedrooms, a lake, a pool, and a moat. Nearby celebrity homes are U2’s, the Beckhams, and Johnny Depp.


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