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Brad Pitt’s divorce announcement has dulled slightly in the half a year since the news broke. A world without Brad and Angie, the unit, is one that has taken a moment to wrap heads around. There are more important things, we suppose. As they split the assets behind closed doors, rosé lovers have especially waited with baited breath to find out the fate of Château Miraval, the couple’s French vineyard that produces the award-winning Miraval rosé (among other wines), and where they celebrated their 2014 wedding.

Charles Perrin, the vintner on the estate, who is generally in charge of keeping the world in Miraval products, is adamant that no sale is on the table. He told French publication >Agence France Presse that Miraval “is an investment for their family and their children. We have long-term projects and have just released the latest vintage of rosé with our names: ‘bottled by Pitt, Jolie and Perrin’ on it.”

One such project is branching out into olive oil. The estate has already bottled 10,000 units of the stuff from the 12 acres of olive trees on the property, and has been selling it in France for nearly a month now. The vineyard‘s representative, speaking to >People, said that it’s only available in Europe right now. Delivery will be available in the U.S. in a few weeks.

When asked to comment on what the new venture means for the fate of the property, Château Miravel sent over a press release announcing the olive oil’s debut.

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