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Brad Pitt and his children share a bond over Will Ferrell movies!

Ferrell talked about celebs who have expressed their admiration for his films in a recent Facebook Live interview with EW, and shared the flattering comment he received from Pitt. Ferrell and Pitt both lent their voices to 2010's Megamind.

"Brad Pitt is another guy who's just like, 'I can't tell you how many of your movies we've just sat and watched with the kids and we equally are just sharing a laugh," Ferrell said. "I think for a family to connect -- I know it's the same with my kids -- to have an experience where you connect with the humor together, it's like a real rite of passage. It's really special."

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Ferrell also talked about Beguiled director Sofia Coppolla recently calling Daddy's Home one of her favorite films of the 21st century, and said that besides 2003's Elf, the comedy is actually the film that kids approach him about the most.

"I get younger kids who have either seen Elf or [say], 'Oh, you're in that movie where you're the stupid dad. You're the not-cool dad,'" Ferrell shared. "I'm not stupid, I'm just very in touch with my feelings. I love that it was a total little-kid thought: Mark [Wahlberg] is the cool guy, you're the uncool guy."

"We hoped that movie would do what a lot of these animated movies are doing, where they have enough sophistication level for adults to be satisfied and also you have fun stuff for kids to watch," he added. "So, it was great to hear Sofia's comments. It’s just fun to sit down and equally laugh with your kids while watching the same thing."

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ET was on the Boston set of Daddy's Home 2, where Mel Gibson talked about keeping up with Wahlberg and Ferrell.

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