Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Reconnect After Brangelina Split; Justin Theroux Furious [Report]

Brad Pitt's divorce with wife Angelina Jolie has been really hard on the actor, what with the messy custody battles for their six children underway. According to the reports, Pitt has been seeking solace in on the shoulders of his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston in such a trying time. Needless to say, Justin Theroux, the present life partner of Aniston is not too happy about it.

Before Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie became American sweethearts, it was quite a different scenario. Aniston who already had her own successful comedy series, "Friends", was dating the drop-dead gorgeous hunk, Brad Pitt, who has started to make a name in the movie industry. So naturally, when they got married, the Pitt-Aniston shippers were overjoyed.

However, dark clouds set in soon in their marriage and they announced their separation in 2005. It did not take much time for Pitt to hook up with his "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" co-star, Jolie since there were already rumors that he had cheated on his marriage with her. Jolie announced in the October of the same year that she is pregnant with Pitt's son, Shiloh.


While Pitt and Jolie soon went on to become a brand of their own, Aniston's personal future was plunged into oblivion. In fact, it took her 9 years to find love again. She married Justin Theroux in 2014 and was finally settling down to start a family of her own.

However, Pitt and Aniston never lost touch, despite their highly publicized divorce. And now, more than ever, the "Allied" star is turning to his ex-wife for emotional support, constantly texting her every day, Siver Times reports. This has led to the rumors that Aniston might be thinking of leaving her current husband and get back with her ex.

"Anyway, sources claim that Jennifer and Brad have been casually texting over the past few days, and Brad has been discussing how difficult the divorce has been for him," Korea Portal reports. It is being said that the exchanged texts are not of a romantic nature, but more like a friendly sharing of how Pitt is coping with all the drastic changes in his life during this trying times.

Surely, it cannot be easy for Theroux to watch his wife reconnect with her former lover. Will it lead to a divorce between Aniston and Theroux?



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Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Reconnect After Brangelina Split; Justin Theroux Furious [Report]
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