Brad Pitt's Winery For Sale? His Net Worth Will Be Protected By Iron Clad Prenup, But Chateau Miraval Could Be Up For Grabs (PHOTOS)

Brad Pitt's net worth will not be an issue in the Angelina Jolie divorce because of an iron-clad prenup. But some of their shared properties could be up for grabs. And that has fans wondering about their French winery, Chateau Miraval.

Marc Perrin, whose family helps produce the wine, told >People that Chateau Miraval is "not [currently] for sale. ... The 2016 vintage will be released and it looks great already." And another source confirmed it's been "business as usual at the estate" despite Brangelina's divorce.


Despite Perrin's enthusiasm, it's unclear what Pitt and Jolie will ultimately do with the winery. They have not started splitting assets yet. Once they begin assessing the fate of the winery, they will have three options: 1) sell and liquidate 2) one buys the other out 3) they continue to share the property and profits.

All three options are possible, but Brad Pitt has taken more interest in the winery over the years. So it is widely believed that he will remain an owner. It is also highly likely that Perrin's family will continue to work with the winery no matter what the outcome.

Chateau Miraval Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married at Chateau Miraval in 2014 (Photo: Ramey Photos / AKM-GSI).

Sources say Pitt is more passionate about the wine than Jolie is. There were even reports this summer that Jolie wanted to sell the estate, but Pitt refused. So it makes sense that he would pay Jolie for her stake in the business.

"[Brad and Angelina] are involved. He is very interested in wine — he knows his wine very well ... it is fantastic. He is an artist with a lot of dedication, so it could not be better,"  Perrin told Wine Spectator in 2013. "It is not a celebrity wine — it is a great terroir and we produce a family wine, so that's why we are there."


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie first rented Chateau Miraval in 2008 and bought the home  for $60 million three years later. The couple then upgraded the home for another $10 - 12 million, adding features like a spa, indoor and outdoor pools, a dirt-bike course, and  helicopter pads. Brangelina also got married on the property in 2014.

Chateau Miraval isn't the only property at stake in Brad Pitt and Angelina's divorce. Brangelina also just listed their New Orleans home for sale. They initially asked for $6.5 million, but in November they slashed the price to $5.65 million. The house was recently taken off the market, but that's only a temporary move while the street outside the home is closed for a waterline replacement.

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie France House Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie aren't selling their estate in France just yet (Photo: Ramey Photos / AKM-GSI).

But Brangelina's primary residence was a multi-estate property in Los Angeles. Pitt initially bought a five-bedroom, 5,760 square feet home in Los Feliz back in 1994. Over the years, he added several more houses to the estate, which now includes 1.9 acres of land. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie also have an 11.5-acre ranch in Santa Barbara and an apartment in Manhattan's Waldorf-Astoria Towers.

In all, Pitt and Jolie own 12 properties. Pitt owns seven by himself, Jolie owns two, and they share three more. And they have a combined $400 million net worth. (Pitt is worth an estimated $240 million, while Jolie is worth around $160 million.)


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Brad Pitt's Winery For Sale? His Net Worth Will Be Protected By Iron-Clad Prenup, But Chateau Miraval Could Be Up For Grabs (PHOTOS)