Angelina Jolie Was Upset About Traveling Without Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie Life Without Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie did NOT reveal plans for her life without

Brad Pitt, despite a sensational claim.

Gossip Cop can expose the truth about this misleading report, which twists an interview with the actress.

HollywoodLife announces in a headline, “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: She Finally Reveals What Her Life Will Be Like Without Him.” But she did no such thing. Still, it’s said in the accompanying article, “Angelina Jolie envisions her hopes for the future and where she sees herself in the next ten years without Brad Pitt.”

That’s still not accurate, either. But continuing to mislead readers, the site further writes, “Angelina Jolie has moved on after her dramatic divorce from Brad Pitt, 53. The 41 year-old mother of six said she wants to spend the next several years focusing on her children and humanitarian work.”

Here’s the problem: Nothing Jolie said had to do with Pitt. The Oscar winner was never asked about her estranged husband, nor did she reference him. In an interview with Hello to promote a fragrance, Jolie was asked, “What would you like your life to be like in ten years time?”

She responded, “I imagine I will spend my days traveling from country to country to visit our children, who I expect will live around the world. I think some will be interested in the international work I do, and I would love to partner with them as I continue. I imagine I will be less involved in film and be focused more on family and foreign affairs.”

This exchange had nothing to do with Jolie’s life “without” Pitt and nothing to do with “mov[ing] on after her dramatic divorce.” In fact, she may have even given the same answer, and have the same plans and goals, if she and Pitt were still together. The question and answer, not to mention the entire interview, had nothing to do with Jolie’s relationship status.

But HollywoodLies still packaged it as clickbait, to give readers the impression that Jolie had, in fact, “finally reveal[ed] what her life will be like without him.” She didn’t do that, nor did she share “where she sees herself in the next 10 years without Brad Pitt.” Jolie was simply asked where she’ll be in 10 years from now (not during “the next several years”), and gave a rather simple answer.


Gossip Cop isn’t surprised to see the webloid manipulated the Q&A to fit its own agenda. After all, when not twisting the truth, the bad blog is known for outright crafting lies and spreading misinformation. That includes a bunch of fabricated >stories about Jolie dating Jared Leto.




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Angelina Jolie Did NOT Reveal Plans For Life Without Brad Pitt, Despite Claim
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