Angelina Jolie Did NOT Fear Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Reunion, Despite Report

Angelina Jolie Threaten Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie did NOT threaten

Brad Pitt over

Jennifer Aniston, despite a report.

Gossip Cop can debunk the claim.

A headline from

HollywoodLife falsely announces, “Angelina Jolie Threatens Brad Pitt: Don’t Bring The Kids Around Jennifer Aniston.” The accompanying story says,”While Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are locked into a nasty divorce and custody battle, their six children are at the center of it all, once again. Brad’s reportedly been secretly chatting with his ex, Jennifer Aniston, and Angie’s allegedly ‘enraged.’ Will the kids be spending time with Jen?!”

Picking up these claims from

In Touch

, the webloid asserts Jolie “doesn’t want Brad’s reported new texting buddy, Jennifer Aniston, 48, anywhere near her kids.” The site quotes from the tabloid, “As Angie and Brad’s divorce talks continue, she’s demanding that Brad agree to never have their children around Jen.”

Apparently incapable or unwilling to fact-check these contentions, the online outlet continues to just regurgitate the publication’s allegations, quoting, “Brad thinks the request is off the wall and irrational. He isn’t going to cave in to Angie’s ridiculous demand.”

It all builds up to HollywoodLies referring to its already debunked “exclusive” about >Jolie being “terrified” Pitt and Aniston would get back together. Tellingly, though, the bad blog does admit, “Brad, Angie or Jennifer have not commented on this wild report.” Actually,

Gossip Cop busted the In Touch cover story last week, as its claims about >Pitt and Aniston having a “reunion” were and are completely false.

Now HollywoodLife has honed in on one particular part of that story, but this aspect is just as erroneous as the other parts of the article. Jolie has NOT threatened Pitt or made any demands regarding their kids and Aniston. Frankly, she doesn’t need to. Pitt has no intention of having his kids around Aniston and Aniston has no intention of meeting them. The former spouses have no intention of getting together, period.

As usual, though, HollywoodLies didn’t care if the information it was spreading was correct or not. But picking up another outlet’s claims doesn’t absolve the webloid of responsibility. Whether the site is making it up outright or sloppily regurgitating untruths, wrong is wrong. And that’s something the site has a lot of experience with.

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Angelina Jolie is demanding Brad Pitt keep Jennifer Aniston away from their kids. Monday, March 20, 2017



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